Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Truth on How to Achieve a Toned Tummy

It often seems like the hardest thing in the world to do: "Reducing your waistline and toning your abdominal region". People all over the world spend thousands of dollars per day attempting to accomplish the "SIX PACK". I have regular requests asking for advice and quick fixes to remedy the storing of body fat around the waistline and how to create a firm toned midsection.
The Truth about achieving a toned tummy and being able to actually see that "muscle tone" is to reduce the layer of body fat covering your abdominals. That's right! It doesn't matter how many crunches you do, or what new machine you use from the continuous advertisements that hound us day in and day out. If you don't cut back your body fat you will never see those strong toned abdominals.

There are 2 ways to go about getting rid of stomach fat. You can go the cardio route and you can do direct abs exercises.

1. For cardio, start walking... but on a hill or inclined treadmill
Walking by itself isn't magical as far as losing belly flab and love handles, but when you start walking on an incline it becomes one of the TOP exercises you can do to reduce your waist size.
That small change makes a HUGE difference. Since hills are hard to come by, find a treadmill that inclines to 10-15 degrees and get walking.

2. Do isometric vacuum poses for waist reduction
This is my favorite waist reducing exercise because the results come fast and no other exercise can do what this one does. Suck in your belly on and off for 5 minutes a day and within 1 month you will lose nearly 2 inches from your belly.
You'll want to hold the isometric tension in the vacuum pose for a minimum of 15 seconds each time you do it. You can do this anywhere at basically anytime. I use this exercise exclusively while I'm watching TV. It can become addicting because of how easy it is and how fast you see your pants starting to feel loose. I even have some clients that use a simple trick to make it so they lose 3 inches from their waists using this exercise and nothing else.
Do these 2 things and you can't help but to lose your tummy fat fast.

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