Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Relief exercise for neck

Exercises that will help you relieve stiffness and strengthen the neck muscles
The neck being the most sensitive muscle involved for people working on the desktop, it is important to stretch the muscles to relieve all the stiffness. However, for permanent pain removal, we need to strengthen the neck muscles. All three exercises are static contraction exercises which help strengthen all neck muscles. All exercises should be repeated at least four times each and should be held for 10-30 seconds. Inhale deeply and hold your breath when you are at the final stage of the exercises.
Exercise 1
Sitting on chair, place one palm on the thigh
Place the other palm against the cheek
Push the head against the palm and resist
Repeat the same on other side
Repeat thrice.

Exercise 2
Close the fingers, cup the chin in your palms
Push chin down and resist with palms
Repeat thrice
Exercise 3
Interlock the hands behind the head
Push the head back while pulling forward with the palms and resist
Repeat thrice.

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